cari di sini

November 28, 2008


This is a COOL story,,
it happened yesterday..
I just came back to the office after lunch.. it was around 2:30pm.
I got into the elevator alone..i was alone, was little bit late for the lunch break..
I stood in front of the panels, and i pushed "9" -the floor where i work-, "9" panel's light turned on.

Dumdurudumdum... (i was singing for myself,,yess..i'm alone..)
"Ting!" the elevator stopped at 5th Floor,,the door was one came in..
It's Okay.. I don't Care..
The Door was closed..
I was still singing my Dumdurudumdum song..
Then suddenly...The "11" panel's light turned on...

Hmm.. okay,,it stopped at 5th one came in,,then suddenly it turned on..
i changed my "dumdurudumdum" song to "going up, 9th FLoor..hurry up! hurry up!"

"Ting!" i reached 9th floor.
The door was opened.
I stepped out and said:"Sorry, bye, thank you for accompany me.."