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July 29, 2010

I Think I'm In Love with You!

I Love Mocca, then this afternoon i just having a laid back noon listening to their Album. Then, I got this lyrics and knowing that i might be feel this.

I Think I'm in Love
by: Mocca

if you got an eerie feeling after hanging up the phone
sort of happy feeling but you're not sure what it's called

if you're haunted by his face whenever you're asleep at night
and think you hear his silly voice just calling out your name
oh, no! I think i'm in love with you..
on, no! i'm hoping you'll want me too
so, please..don't let me down!

just can't help but talk about him in every conversation
till your friends are sick and tired of that same old crap

if you start wearing make up even when you go to bed
and crying like a baby when you hear a mellow song

*Yes, I think I Am*

July 13, 2010

Grateful#5: Loving My Job. It Pays ME More!

Love Your Job! It pays you more than your salary!
Yes, This is one thing I'm grateful for. I've wrote about why I Love my Job. Then Now, I'll Write the effect of Loving this Job.

This two months, we're working like Energizers' Rabbits. So many things HAVE TO be handled. Scholarship programs with all the details, Freshmen Enrichment Program with all the details, Three Big Conferences, and, not to mention all the daily things WITH ALL THE DETAILS.
Physically? Tired. But, loving this job, I still can laugh out loud. I'm enjoying all the phase, steps, process, madness and ALL THE DETAILS. Yes, I'm tired and physically Exhausted, but thank God I love this Job, so that all that I need is weekend to rest my body, *and my beau to give me extra energy. hello there my MoodBooster*.

So here, i write to you. Saying that salary is not my first consideration, will be so naive. But it would be better if you really know what do you want to do, what kind of job do you expect, what's your passion, then get the right job that you can fall for. Hmm, It'll pay you more than your salary does. This is it, Grateful#5: Loving My Job!!

July 09, 2010

Pergi Untuk Sementara

Sebenarnya agak sungkan untuk post lirik lagu lagi. Since, seems so unproductive. But, well then, Saya sedang jatuh cinta dengan Music For Sale dan musik mereka. Lagu ini pun satu lagu yang tidak berhenti saya putar ulang. Entah karena musiknya, liriknya, atau emang keduanya saling mendukung.
Inilah liriknya: Pergi Untuk Sementara.. *link lagu*

Aku tak pernah lupa
mengapa ku bisa begitu mencintainya
Dia masih disini, menanti setia,
berharap takdir berubah untukku
Dia membuatku bahagia..

Dia selalu ada, menjaga diriku
menemani waktuku
Dia bahagia
namun aku tau
Dia menangis jauh di dalam hatinya..

Tuhan dengarkanlah
Dia berdoa..

*) Bila waktu ku tlah tiba,
ku hanya berharap,
Dia merelakanku.
Ku tak ingin
Dia bersedih, mengertilah kasih,
ku hanya pergi untuk sementara..
Kita tak berpisah, selamanya..

banyak orang berkata,
Dia buang waktunya, mencintaiku
dan aku pun tak bisa, mencegah dirinya
untuk berhenti mencintai diriku
bahagia aku bersamanya..

back to *)

July 06, 2010

So Right - Music For Sale

So Right
Written by Leody Akbar
Performed by Music For Sale

Song 1
Love is so funny when you get hurt and you're starting to laugh
just standing alone now figuring why everything was going so fast
and all you've wanted was someone and love will take care for the rest
like I can I want to...for so long...

Song 2
Love is a puzzle and all you need is someone just to figure it out
don't look away babe cause u know I always be willing to try
I'll wait you right here babe cause I know that baby I'm not fooling around
baby I want you...just only you...for so long


Baby, I know what you feel and I'm so inspired
honey, if you let me with you I'll fix you right
So Right....
We might as well go on together
cause baby I can love you better
if you realize

Song 3
I know that you're sad babe and all you need is love but love was not easy to find
don't look far now cause you know I always be waiting in front
I'll wait you right here even though I know you always left me behind
Baby I want you...just only you...for so long

Back to chorus

I want to love, hold, give you all the care that you need
relax baby when you're with me cause I'll be the one who holds you tight
tonight, baby when we're together, this feeling will take you further and you'll be alright...

*just wanna share a song from Music For Sale titled So right. I think i just fall in to this Band.*