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December 19, 2010

Rapelan -16, -15, -14, -13

EDISI RAPEL!! bahahaaha..
19 Dec 2010: (-13) IN.DO.NE.SIA!

18 Dec 2010: (-14) We're randomly Ragusta-ing
and DEVIL-ing

17 Dec 2010: (-15) I was chasing it!

16 Dec 2010: (-16) HUG YOU

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December 15, 2010


Not so into Cat, But..
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-19 -18

Okay2, this is the one need to be blame *tunjuk modem* *layblamers*

this is for my 13th Dec 2010 (-19)***
this is for 14th December 2010 (-18)
I hope you take good care of yourself
(though I think Magic would be more interesting for you than take a rest)
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December 13, 2010

Tuhan, terima kasih Kau ringankan Beban hidupku (isi tasku berat soalnya)

I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! *padahal baru kemaren nulis*
Anyhoo, Gw sadar kalo ats gw kok SELALU berat ya?? Walaupun ada pepatah yang mengatakan bahwa "Apa yang lo bawa itu tergantung besar tas lo!" Tapi tetep aja, kalo tas gw kecil, bawaan gw tetep banyak sampai sesak dan tetap berat.
Okay, Karena beratnya ini, maka gw melakukan introspeksi *berlebihan deh R!*. maka gw bongkar tas gw daaaan, here it is:ini tampak luarnyaini kalau ditengok ke dalamisinya CUMA Bag organizer, 1 Pouch untuk kabel dkk, payung, dan buku agenda gw.Well, ini isinya si Bag Organizer: Make up 911, Sunglasses, wallet, remote presenter, flash disk, masker-penyelamat-dari-bau-badan, ballpoint, spidol, boxy, payung, tissue, tissue basah, small note *yes, you never know when the ideas streak*, sisir, sanex-penyelamat-bau-pengap, Vaseline-penyelamat-pekerja-diruang ber ac, roll-rambut-penyelamat-gaya, dan Music player.ditambah isinya si Pouch hitam: kabel data Blekberi, kabel data music player, micro sd adapter, handsfree blekberi, dan iPod shuffle *yess, 1 music player is not enough for me*.
dan voila, inilah isi tas gw SEHARI-HARI! astaga tuhan, pantes saya ngga tinggi-tinggi, bawaan saya berat banget sih. Untung beban hidup saya selalu Kau ringankan.. *amin* *lho curcol*

2 good books for my guitar

Hello Universe! It's me Again..
After several weeks without significant writing, Here I am trying to make one.
Hmm, Where should I start? Let me start from this: I bought two books yesterday. "The LAST LECTURE" By Randy Pausch and "Habibie-Ainun" By B.J. Habibie.
So this morning, I thought, I'll bring this book so that I can read while doing something.
I got in to my bus, trying to comfy my self then open the book and start reading the book. But then, when i reached the 4th page, I got this look:Yess, this book is so... *i don't have the right word to describe it*
Considering that I was on the bus, and will be looked so 'weird' if I cry, i decided to not continue it. I close the book and SLEEP. ahahaha.
I'll read the book and tell you all later.

btw, this afternoon, Ocep, my office mate suddenly told me: "Kak, harga senarnya.....bla..bla..bla.." And all I could remember was: I CAME TO GRAMEDIA TO BUY STRINGS FOR MY GUITAR! How could It was ended with two books and no strings at all!! Argh! You, Roro!!

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Oh My god! I've missed one day!!
This is for 9 December 2010: MTG day


12 Dec 2010

NARNIA day! *we watched NARNIA in the cinema, then RCTI played it again* You don't like it, but you watched it.. :*
And, SUSHI Day!! Yipppie!! Thank You Mr. Moodbooster, a great weekend boost my energy for thiiiiis freaking week.. ;)

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11 Dec 2010
(another) BabySitting day.. ;)

*late post AGAIN :|

December 10, 2010


Bahahahaha, we bought Raincoat.. Yeaaay!!
*)thanks for Picking me up, waiting for me, and bought me a raincoat..