cari di sini

April 22, 2009

i don't care about today

I don’t care about today!!

Yes, I say it again: I don’t care about today!! Even tough I can feel the sun burns my skin!! Then in a brief second later the storm comes and left the water flooding everywhere.
Yes, yes, yes, I don’t care about today, and about how should I survive on this earth.

But, I asked myself
–since I don’t have any capability to ask the world- “Are we waiting for another proof that this earth needs to be saved?” Aren’t that Flooding, Tsunami, Climate Changes, the sun that burns your skin, enough to tell you that we’re not heading to global warming anymore? We’re not heading, because it is happening now. –hmm, I think, I would call it Global Heating, since it ain’t Warm-ing anymore-

Yep-Yep-Yep.. I don’t care about today!!
But I do Care about my children, my grand children, my next generation!!
Please, PLEASE, P.L.E.A.S.E, I do begging you PLEASE..
Think about the future! If it’s too hard for you to think about MY future, MY Generation, or any other’s Future or Generation, okay YOU DON’T HAVE TO. But, would you just think about
Y.O.U.R future, Y.O.U.R. generation??

Go ASK yourself: What kind of Environment would you inherit to your next generation? If your answer “Fully Polluted-Air, Polluted-Water, Garbage-Full Land, Burning Ground, Floating House” argh, sorry to say but: 90 2 h3LL!
If you want to inherit the better earth
–or at least not the worse one- I ask you please to MOVE from NOW! Yes, NOW!

Let’s do all simple things we can do like DON’T LITTER, Control your electricity usage (Television, AC, plug off the power supply when don’t needed, Turn off the light, etc). Re-use the plastic bag or don’t use it when you don’t need it (when you go to mini market and buy something that you could just put them inside your bag or just carry them, why do you have to use plastic bag?). Reduce, or BETTER STOP, using Styrofoam. Change to ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY Hairspray, Deodorant, and any other beauty tools. And all of the other simple things based on Reduce, Re-use and Recycle! I’m not really good at this simple things those we can do to save this earth, but I’ll do my best to do what I’ve known.

Start from little thing, start from ourselves.

anyone help me, you can add any fact you know about this, anything we can do to save this earth, simply.

take a small step to make a big leap

April 12, 2009

rinduku pada..

Ah Tuhan,
mengapa kau kenalkan aku pada gelap..
yang kini kurindukan..
Mengapa Kau perdengarkan aku kesunyian..
yang kini juga kurindukan..

Aku merindukan sunyi..
Sunyi, hingga dapat kunikmati suara ombak..
yang bergulung, dan menyapa kakiku..
dengan kelembutannya..

Ah Tuhan,,
kini aku merindukan gelap..
Gelap,hingga dapat kunikmati cahayaMu..
cahayaMu yang slalu menenangkan..
dan membawaku jauh berangan..

Ah Tuhan..
aku merindukan..