cari di sini

September 27, 2014


So this is my goodbye notes. Thanks for being there the whole years. I've never know we were this tired of each other. Anyway, thank you for this wake up call. Thank God that i know it now, not later.   

I'm not for a coward nor quitter.

We know nothing about future. We know we can do out best and let Him do the rest. But if you just wanna go for something easier, for something granted. Go, just go and don't comeback. If you want something easy, just go. Because I'm not for a coward.

Try harder, because i'm worth every effort. Try harder, because you should've known that i will be there, working everything out with you. And if you wanna stop, just stop and leave. Because I'm not for quitter.

Life is not always getting what we want. It's also about every effort, about the process of getting what we want. About all the experiences an learnings.

If you want something easy, granted and 24/7 fun. You can't be here. I'm not for a coward nor quiter. 


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