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January 17, 2015

Meet the Goodwillers

Another working Saturday! Excited!

So today I met these Goodwillers (Yayasan Goodwill Scholarship Recipients) .  I've never heard about this Yayasan Goodwill, i know i was so bad back then. I just knew this Yayasan because my friend asked me to deliver Presentation Skills training for this Yayasan.

The idea of meeting new people, new talented people is always exciting for me. As a good facilitator, i tried to 'learn'  about this Yayasan. (Learn means 90% googling) No, i won't tell you here about the Yayasan Goodwill, you can google it if you want.  Hahahaha.

What i want to share is about whom I met. These Goodwillers are the Yayasan Goodwill Scholarship Recipients.  They are young, smart and talented students from Universitas Indonesia and Institut Pertanian Bogor. This session was delivered fully in English, this is how the Yayasan preparing them. I was impressed that they are actively engaged to the training. Some of them were shy and bit afraid because they had to use English. But some of them were brave to speak in English, even though they knew their English aren't perfect. Mine definitely far from perfect too. But i was so impressed. They willingness to learn somehow makea me believe that they will be a successful persons. Even though some of them really have to struggle just to pay the tuition fee.

So kids, if you have this chance to go to college, go and do your best.  Seriously. I've been there, and not giving my best. Kinda regret it. Do your best in college,  because at the other side of the class, there are your friends who needs to work just to pay the tuition fee. Who have to work on their Saturday and Sunday.  Who have to work their ass off just to get what you have when you were sleeping at night.

College time could be the time you can make a remarkable history. For your parents, or simply for your self. Stop wasting your time for nothing and do something. And no, being active in organization is not nothing, it IS something. So, Seize the day!

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